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Thank you Donnie!

Yes I finally did it ~<3 I drew Apritello kissing! I really wanted to draw this for a loooooong time, but you know I haven’t drew kisses often, so I still need more practise. To put it simply: I find it difficult to draw a kiss, so it really look like a kiss. Aww man I hope you know what I mean xD I can’t describe it ohtherwise at the moment.

I’m really hoping that Donnie gets the girl this time, because April is a half human, half alien mutant. So there’s a little chance that this could happen. Also he still gets three kisses on his cheek so far. Maybe next time a real kiss? :iconhinthintplz: Who knows!

TMNT 2012, Donatello and April O’Neil © Nickelodeon

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